August 31, 2022

Hello! Another day was spent just coding. I did make such great progress on the website today! Neocities is such a great site. I need to attend school tomorrow which sucks but It’ll be fun ^_^ (hopefully…).

August 30, 2022

After I showered and finished my morning routine, I decided to just code for the entire day! Didn’t eat, attend classes, nor stood up. This little event actually happens way more often than you might think. I always get back into coding once every month or two and I completely OBSESS over it. I finished a few pages today including the gif on this page! If you take a close look, the poster on the side of the arcade game machine is actually the original “Style A” A New Hope Star Wars poster! It was only right to pair it up with the lightsaber cursor of course. I was on a call with Ria the entire day again as usual. I played some mini-online games with her and her little sister. I’ll be continuing this productive day tomorrow. I shall obsess over the website once more before I run out of fuel.

August 29, 2022

Today I woke up and read like 30 pages of Moby Dick. I love annotating academically so it does take quite a bit of time. I stayed at home so i had plenty of rest! I also got a Prime Video subscription. Now, I have Netflix HBO Max and Prime Video. Lots of options! (I'll get Disney Plus next time). I was in a call with Ria all day and started on my website. I digitally drew the main image and made a few progress on the front-end. Ria also made her own blog! (link to ria’s blog:, same day post she made: ) AAAA!! I can’t wait to get into the actual coding part! every month i always find ways to make new projects (it’s so awesome). At the end of the day, I finished two pages and now im betting that i can have this finished by tomorrow. My eyes are now fried and I might be setting my self up for a future Carpal Tunnel (ouch).

August 28, 2022

I was recently invited to my friend’s (Rhett’s) concert so I dragged along two other friends of mine (I really can’t handle going out alone), Sirko and Lane to accompany me. It’s great because it’s like killing two birds with one stone! One, prove that I’m a good friend to Rhett by showing my support for his band. And two, actually hanging out with the best people ever! (Sirko and Lane). So I met up with Sirko and we hurried to the venue before we could miss it. I watched Legally Blonde before going to the concert, so I was kind of running late. I arrived there like 0.1 second before Rhett’s band started. It was such pure luck (not exactly luck, I don't believe that much in coincidences because I know the basics of the law of large numbers.) I came across another friend (Slater). Slater waved hi but I got nervous so after I awkwardly greeted I ran away and bought something then went back (I have social anxiety). Once the band finished their last song, we looked for Lane and then headed straight to the bookstore. It was a fun day! Oh, something embarrassing that did happen was me giving the wrong currency as a payment. I recently traveled and haven’t yet cleaned out my wallet that a brought to another country. Here’s some of the stuff I got today: another whiteboard, stocked up on post-its and post-it flags, make-up stuff, and I preordered a book with Sirko!

August 27, 2022

I had an orthodontist appointment today. Ah yes, my teeth’s gonna hurt for a week or so again. After that, I went to the mall and finally got myself some whiteboard. I needed it for my maths, sciences, murder mysteries, planning, and basically writing everything my brain can vomit (which is a lot). Then, I discovered this site!! It’s the perfect hosting site I’ve been looking for that’s similar to Tripod or Geocities from the early 2000s!. Trust me, I looked for over 2 years. I browsed on it a bit and I think I’ll start the project tomorrow!