September 30, 2022

Maybe I just wasn't the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy. I was nauseous the whole day. My entire body is failing me. Rhett told me to carry around cold water and drink that. No sleep, no eat. I was telling Sirko about my week since I kind of just disappeared. Everyone's used to it at this point. But then when Sirko finally asked me "What happened?" We didn't see each other for a day or two, and now I'm falling apart. I love Paris Geller with all my heart. I'm now exactly just like her. I don't want to go into detail about the crapfest I'm in because talking about that would be lame on my part. Let's talk about that one test that I was supposed to only get like 1 mistake from. Why did I not double check my answers and just submitted when I literally skipped 2 numbers (pretty sure by accident because I went through the test so fast). I mean I don't mind it as much because I still got a relatively high grade. Me and Ria finally finished the book we've been making fun of! I've only read 7 books this month so I'm hoping I can read like 2 more before this month ends.
During club hours, I impulsively cutted my hair. Sirko had her laptop with her and she recorded the whole thing (I used her Mac as my mirror in photobooth). I love it when fun stuff like those gets documented. Very fun to go look back on. On my way home, Sirko and I stopped by the Activities Office, we were asking for any extra curricular we could possibly take. To our disappointment, they're apparently limiting it which... why.
I was waiting for my ride when I saw a couple of my friends pass by. I heard they were going out, so I just joined. Another spontaneous thing. I just genuinely want to escape from myself. I didn't even get permission until I was already uptown. Surprisingly, I actually had fun. I even started approaching random people and helping them with stuff. I finally ate something, our chats were like so fun. I needed the break. Long story short it was a bad time. Maybe I needed this experience to listen and finally appreciate this masterpiece of a song.

September 29, 2022

I was wearing a Nirvana hoodie and somebody finally quizzed me! I don't even listen to them that much, but I aced that quiz. I have like this default answer (memorized it a while back for this exact event).
Please tell me I'm reading it wrong.
We had like 3 summatives today and I'm pretty sure the first two were either a perfect or 1 mark off. I did great in the Oral Communications thing too so that's awesome. I studied again after I got home, had Skylar help me with some stuff. He sent recordings and everything and appreciate it so much. Midnight I got help from Dexter too. They're like super epic.

September 28, 2022

I didn't sleep last night because I was consumed by my thoughts. I'm feeling the faitugue so much and my eyes are literally dropping. I had cup ramen for dinner because that's the best study food. It's unhealthy too so that's great for my self sabotage because I really just want an excuse to punish myself. I never did deserve anything. I love it when I can read myself like a book. I'm a neglected child and don't like change. I want everything to be consistent. Instead of trying to become better, I'd rather things be exactly the same because It's comforting in a way. I had an argument with my dad so I know I wouldn't be sleeping tonight again. My hands have been hurting the whole day; won't be surprised if I really do develop a carpal tunnel syndrome. You know what did save me this day? Ryan Trahan's new video. My breakfast's stuyding, lunch is studying, dinner is my parent telling me how much of a mistake I am. I hate people.

September 27, 2022

Ria suggested we do our hair in the bathroom every morning, as an addition to our daily routines. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? We practically spend every drop of time there is together. I looked at The Revoir's top listeners and found out I was on top. That makes me feel very accomplished because they're like the coolest people ever. I cried for my classmate because I felt lightheaded from our professor yelling. I never was good at confrontations. I couldn't focus on anything the whole day after. Then I cried again because our Math summative was made into a take home one. What a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

September 26, 2022

I actually have a life. Went out, ran some errands... or two. Got home, rested, went out again. Finallly did some studying for science. I'm dying because I'm still trying to find the best study technique that I seem to have lost. I mean, I used to never study. Been stuyding for like 4 hours now which is kind of dumb. No actually, this is a cry for help. I'm not even stuyding, I just want to get away and enter another world.Have an excuse to deprive myself from sleep and food. I've studied more today than my usualy already excessive amount of studying. Atleast I had a great hair day.

September 25, 2022

I took my English 114 test today. I had one mistake and now I'm pestering another teacher because I'm pretty sure my paper was marked wrong. I'll update you later, I know she made a error. I love complaining. Not in a bad way, just in a persistent for my grades because if I'm less than anything then I'm a failure in life. My brother Luke's girlfriend also texted me around like 2AM. She's very nice. I ate two pieces of corndogs and I personally think that that's the only amount of corndogs you can eat before you're full. I did some insane sphagetti coding today... I know it's a temporary fix so I'm just leaving it to future Cy. If I don't atleast see a result today... I might actually go crazy.

September 24,2022

Quite a hectic day.I wanted to study but I physically couldn't. I felt sick the whole entire day. Luckily, it was moved and maybe the Makers (God Anakin in a Threepio way) do love me. I read 3 books today because desperately needed to read a bunch of classics as I was finally made aware that I was 12 books behind in my reading goal of a hundred books this year. Halfway through the day, my parents decided we should visit the penthouse. My dad does not have a single ounce of patience so I panicked and got into multiple tiny little accidents... I won't share it here because even though I over share here a lot... it was pretty horrible. Before we went out, I had to do a quick shower and I picked out the first clothes I could touch. Possibly the most hedious outfit I've ever worn in my entire life. Nonetheless, it was still all good. We were gonna go into just another one of our properties anyway. No one's gonna see you in your own home right? Wrong. Because we then later on went out to the nearest mall for dinner. It wasn't that bad to be completely honest. I was hungrier so I couldn't care less. Maybe back then I would've been super embarassed... Surprisingly I wasn't at all.
A few days ago, I found out that the Sims 4 was going to become permanently free (at October 18, 2022 to be exact). It's aiming for the results Fortnite got with their strategy. Free game, paid modifications. I wanna see where it leads to actually. I mean, EA is the epitome of paid everything. I feel bad for the people who just got Sims within like this month. I think it's good for them though.

September 23, 2022

I love the power of convenience. After class, I took a two hour nap. I was famished since I haven't eaten all day. To give a picture, I was passed out on the foyer carpet near the main door of our house. The moment I opened my eyes, ten seconds later, my mom comes in with like burgers. On the hierarchy of super powers I would want to get... well, one is of course, the power of probability, and the second one would definitely be convenience. If you think about it, it's kind of the same thing. Except you can control probability, but with convenience, you're just kind of lucky at all times. But now that I think about it, It's like... when you say that phrase like "Wouldn't it be so convenient if [this] happened.", and it happens so... that's like being able to control the surrounding except sometimes, your surroundings conveniently makes everything convenient for you already without having to ask for it. But having to ask for it would activate it too. So that's like... double the convenience! Don't get me wrong, probability will always be better because with that, you can bring downfall on humanity - ragnarok but you're the one starting every major catastrophe. "The probability of you dying? 100%." as an example. Did you know that there's a 1 in 300,000 chances of an asteroid strike. Next time you're living, think about how you'll never know when suddenly we're all disintegrated into nothingness.

September 22, 2022

Still been sleeping. As we all know, I shower quite a lot. So basically sleep, try to wake up by showering, somehow sleep again, repeat. I did have some online classes today. My Oral Communications professor I've been badgering and pestering around for like two weeks, finally let me do the activity I missed! The great thing about it is the fact that it was originally a group work wherein he's call out a group member and if that person got his answer wrong, you'd all get an F. The highest score for it was like one mistake. I got a perfect score alone! It's a huge weight lifted off, and a huge ego boost. Did I mention that out of all the test scores announced, I've so far always had the top score.
Around midnight, me and Ria decided to be productive. So I coded (a lot), while she made herbutton! You should link her to your site too :D. It's my friend Marinette's birthday in a few hours and we need to get our stuff together. I computed for the time that it would take for us to finish everything up for the surprise. My results were not as good. We did do the task successfully. It was still fun. Despite the fact that we were 11 minutes late (atleast by the time I sent out the cards). We had to scratch so many ideas because school is interferring with like every free time we have. In fact, I have a test or two tomorrow!... And this upcoming Saturday too...

September 21, 2022

I can't stop sleeping. I've slept for over 10 times this day. Like long ones...
I came across this video talking about a Ted Talk by Emilie Wapnick. This Ted Talk was about people who were always the Jack-of-All-Trades. She made this little phenomenon coprehensible. She called those individuals "multipotentialites" or "multipods" - someone who doesn't want to be just one thing. It's a struggle because I'm always juggling so many different kinds of fire. My anxiety eats up everything and it gets hard to focus on one thing. Some people have told me I probably just have ADHD. I think I do have focus. Just not enough time and my hyperfixations have limits. Maybe I do though, there's no way of telling. Whenever I need to introduce myself (especially those ones with the tell me three things about yourself), I used to always give out the most vague things. A script I prepared for those instances was "I like learning new things, I like cats, and dogs.". A lot of people love making one thing their whole personality. I never understood that. I would never list out the things I like because I have way too many things I like. Ria, as I was making this website, told me to do an about me. I told her that I am physically not capable of doing that. I have way too many talents and hobbies; I am not a shallow person. Back to Emilie Wapnick, she actually wrote a book about people like me. It's called "How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don't Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up". The title makes so much sense because I always say that I don't have a dream career. In the book, there was a page with a subsection called "Not being 'The Best' Isn't the Same as Being Mediocre". Some love to take out the negative connotation of the Jack of All Trades phrase by adding ",master of none". But they always choose to leave out the second line, "but oftentimes better than master of one". Being a multipod might have its challenges, but I hate how everything we learn and practice is disregarded because other people think that it isn't possible to be good at many things. To justify their own one goal path, they invalidate ours. However way you may want to live your life, as long as you're doing something, it's good. I'm hoping to soon get the physical copy of this book.

September 20, 2022

Ria and I made fun of books in the library again. Came home from school early because classes were suspended due to heavy rainfall. We had an event too so it was one of those rare days that you wouldn't wish a day off on. My social battery died quickly because I talked to so many people - whom which I still think hates me; partly because I hate myself, partly, because I'm friends with everyone in the (purposely) shallowest way possible. I came home and two random guys weirdly enough messaged me out of nowhere. I told my friends I'd plaque an I told you so - referring to people hating me. I went to the sofa and passed out for like 3 fricking hours. Woke up, showered,... showered again... Now I'm gonna write some contracts as a way of therapy.

September 19, 2022

Bright suns! My friends and I played an impromptu Dungeons and Dragons game! Fun fact, I'm the eternal dungeon master :D. I have a god complex so it works out for the best. Originally, It was just me, Sirko, and Ria, then I invited Dexter to join us too and it wasn't so bad. Logging a summary of the game here, It was a Christmas Special One-Shot, and basically what happened was Ria ate everything, Dexter was the logical one, and Sirko was always either sick or dead. This day was kind of long. I studied too before the day ended. Sooner or later I'm going to be burnt-out.

September 18, 2022

Cy's Descent to Madness: Day 1. Math, math, and math. Wish me luck! I went back to study math from its very fundamentals; worked my way up to current lesson. Don't get me wrong, I actually love math! Sometimes I even go through those math forums and start learning those pdf files attached on some submissions. My math journey went surprisingly well. Everything was more on revisioning and I completely understood everything. Then somebody posted the formative test answers... It was hard... It's impossible! Our last lesson didn't even contain half of the test! I'm doomed. I'm naturally smart so I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Turns out I'm so behind.
Update: If I don't die now when I'm still considered smart, i'll end up dying dumb.

September 17, 2022

I discovered this really cool artist a while back. She wrote about Dave Rygalski and I obviously raved about it. I DMed her telling her how much I love her new release and she replies! I have this strategy or trick whenever an artist releases a new song and I use it to get noticed. So far I it's at a hundred percent success rate. It quite literally works like a charm every single time.
I went to another orthodontist appoinment (September 20, 2022 Cy insert: It's funny how as I'm writing this, I can still remember the parkign lot number - P2G2). Went home, showered for like the third time *I'm a sligth germaphobe as you all might know by now* I worked on some of the toolkit page's medias and coded just a tiny bit for this website.

September 16, 2022

Not a very bright suns greeting. Alpha Centauri A I guess. Didn't sleep nor eat again. I was elected dir the role of auditor in my class today so... yay! math. I was told twice today that my presence is very easy to miss (long for me kind of miss). They said it was weird and didn't know the reason why. I still don't know where I get the energy from. I feel like a dead girl. I finally returned the book I borrowed from the library! For the school paper, I nominated Sirko as our treasurer. She got like a voting count close to all. Lane voted for me as the auditor there again too... but I only got like 3 votes. Kind of depressing right? But listen, the other girl was given the chance to introduce herself and list her credentials. The only fault was that all those listed weren't about auditing. I only got to say I was studying business management and I was cut off. But I say that was more than enough over someone who has been in the papers for a long time, but didn't mention anything about financially managing stuff. Unfair! I wanted to say I won awards in competitions too! Oh well, that's only 2 points off my overall grades for my run as an honor student. I'll get another extra curricular! Just to be like my normal self, I want to tell you that this further proves my "everybody hates me" theory. Omg I made friends with Dexter today! Smartest guy in class... so that's like good for me. Pre-evening, I went to uptown with my friends Sirko, Lane, and Ria. Super fun! I bought two more books though... And since Sirko and I have decided on this read-10-books-before-buying-another-book book ban, I'm gonna justify that purchase by saying: The first book I got was a pre-order and the other was this very nice copy of Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters To a Young Poet. It's another copy! Doesn't count.

September 15, 2022

I don't exist. I haven't been sleeping nor eating this week. I've been studying every single day. This whole week we were given this very official schedule of test dates. Like seriously 2-3 tests per day. They all got cancelled. They were cancelled out of nowhere too! I feel so frustrated because we're not even given atleast one day of rest after our midterms. We don't have time! Now all our tests are gonna be twice as long - midterm long. If I fail those, goodbye straight A student Cy. Oh yea and we recelebrated Lane's birthday.
My brother brought home a girl and introduced her to like our parents. She's so nice so I'm good (and by nice i mean she waves at me in the hallways).

September 14, 2022

The sheer thought of all the things I need to study right now is making me so light-headed I don't like it. All I've done is study. Another update! Guess what? I'm still studying. Bro, it's only like the third week of school and I badly need a break. Holy crap. Something great and useful I learned from watching those helpful youtube tips on stuff is that one study technique called blurting. It's so awesome. You basically read, write what you remember, look back at your copy and compare, then see for yourself which concepts you forgot about the most and focus on those. I'd say it's probably one of the fastest ways to identify which part of the subject you're weak on. Also why do I have the worst luck (still don't believe in luck but I like the word luck so forgive me) ever? I was chosen to do this thing for an event with a guest speaker and I'm just betting on me choking up and stuttering.

September 13, 2022

Was up so early I physically couldn’t open my eyes. Surprisingly, literally every single activity school has given us has been moved. I’m loving this website more and more!
I don’t really have much of a social media presence, just an Instagram account. I have a main one I don’t use and a second one which I actually do use. The second one has like 10 people give or take followers. They’re the people who has signed my Friendship Contract. Well, now that I think about it, this one dude never signed it. Long story short I found out he hated me and now I want to remove him out of the account I’m only reachable in. I swear I’m not kidding when I say I have no social media presence. Why do you think I made this blog? I love that I have this small knit group and I’d recommend it to anyone! But yea… I don’t know if I should just cut it like I usually do because I did put so much effort into that past friendship.
Also something painful happened to me as a DC fan. I got an easy question wrong in-front of the class and nobody even noticed nor knew. I’m never recovering. It’s not my fault I’ve read the comics more.

September 12, 2022

12 am we celebrated Lane's birthday. I had this competition with Ria. Basically I suggested we do an impromptu birthday message thing and I started it by saying "If I were given the oppportunity to enter into an interdimensional wormhole portal, I would take her with me" because I love her. Then Ria brought up her hydroflask hypothesis again. It was so funny. We continued fighting for like half an hour more with Sirko just making up her own comments on the side. Can't wait for thursday for the real surprise! Context: We usually go to extreme extents on birthday surprises. If you look at my publishes, pretty much everthing there are just birthday game gifts. Before the day ended, I finished making my gift for her! The surprise is very elaborate but I can't disclose it here in the off chance that she reads my daily blogs.
I was on a call with my friends waiting for this online test for like 2 hours. Unfortunately it was cancelled. In our Physics class, I felt so good being able to understand the lesson... then receiving more class... to explain the lesson. But it was fun!

September 11, 2022

I studied a bit, wrote a critical analysis, and scheduled stuff in the morning then continued coding. I still need to revise for a test I have tomorrow so wish me luck! I can't believe school already sucks. But I was watching The Big Bang Theory the other day and Sheldon learned that being in constant anxiety might help in focusing and creating better products. I'm hoping that's true because I can't get rid of this anxiety I got from being late once and now carrying this burden of either getting a zero or finding my professor at thursday and begging him to let me do the activity I missed. So atleast I can put this stupid anxiety to use right?
Late night update: How could I not cry? I found a way to play flash games :’) I know it doesn’t look like much but this is such a big thing for me. I’ve also been watch Vailskibum again. If you don’t know who he is, basically 9 years ago… oh my god it’s been a decade. He was such a prominent figure around the gravity falls fandom because of his theories and I watched him religiously along with MatPat. I even bought the Journal 3 early!
It’s Lane’s birthday tomorrow! Getting ready for it a bit too. Okay, back to studying

September 10, 2022

I did a complete refurbishing of this website. When I was finally inputting the proper links for my navbar, I opened up the guestbook link and saw my first ever (not hate) comment :’) AND IT WAS THE NICEST THING EVER. they said my website looked nice but I feel bad because I only saw it now, when I’ve already completely changed everything. I feel bad so I’ll find a way to still incorporate the past layout to this new one! Also my head hurted so bad this day. I was trying to debug this one error and holy crap was it a scuffle. I’m gonna plan off my entire week so good night :D.

September 09, 2022

Weird but constant “I was late” entries. I don’t know why I snoozed off my alarm earlier this morning but I did. Overslept, I was late to class so they just kicked me out idk. Today was actually incredibly productive. I did lots of school work and I was participative in class half the time… maybe a quarter… but hear me out! Last year I barely attended classes (and still somehow managed to get a perfect attendance in my report card—part of my good top student charisma). This website has improved on so many levels. I’m actually quite proud of it. I love using emulators on my PC so I could play those old Nintendo games; so I downloaded this Flipnote Studio application and it’s awesome! I need to go plan off my entire week :’D. May peace reign in your land.

September 08, 2022

I cried so much. I was late to this one class and my professor gave me an F. I begged him and he gave me chance. I’m still worried over that plagiarism incident. I made a mistake in choosing classroom friends. They’re good people but I can’t slack off and be caught doing stuff I don’t even want to do and all because I can’t say no. I hate that I’m the biggest push-over ever. Everything about school sucks.
I love my website now though! It’s absolutely perfect. It was originally Star Wars themed but it didn’t look clean enough so i changed it into this vague sci-fi thing. There’s still bits of Star Wars I left off as easter eggs, so The Force will never falter!
Just found out Queen Elizabeth II died.

September 07, 2022

Had like the longest sleep this week. It was so good. I went to the mall to buy some stuff. Around 8:00 pm I watched this movie for an assignment. It was 2 hours long but I watched on 2x and skipped a bunch. Our professor gave us like 7 questions that needed 20 sentences answers each. Around 11:00 pm I gave my answers out to some of my friends. I’m now panicking because somebody sent theirs and it was this horribly paraphrased almost copy pasted work of mine now I’m just scared. I know english teachers read everything. But this isn’t an english class! He handles classes from different school and there’s like a lot of us he’s teaching. He won’t know right?

September 06, 2022

2 hours of sleep, woke up with my eyes swollen (from crying). My start wasn’t that bad until idk I’m the black sheep of the family so I don’t even have to explain much. I’ve decided to just cope by overstudying since I do love academic validation. Going to school, my driver forgot his license so he had to drop us off like not so far from school and I had to walk quite a few miles. I needed the exercise anyway so I didn’t mind it as much. Somehow, we’ve been doing those quick 10 minutes allotted time for research then on-the-spot reporting activity every single day now… it’s getting kind of exhausting. I don’t mind doing the work but it still adds up to my plate of stress. The people in my group were still great and coincidentally, one of my group-mate’s family actually owned some oil company which was perfect because it was our topic. I do still always write 90% of a lot of things because they tend to find me most articulated ( I read books idk). I’d personally just call myself pretentious but I’ve pretended for long enough that the words I’ve learned are actually starting to store itself in my vocabulary box. I also read a book with Ria in the library today! (Lane was with us too, reading a separate book). We made fun of this book that had contents of seemingly middle-grade-like poems.
In my psychology class, our professor gave this task (homework) wherein we had to take/retake our MBTI tests (she told us that you were supposed to retake it every 6 months anyway). Now I don’t feel so great because I feel an identity crisis sneaking up as I type this. Although the results I got were similar in the “smartest MBTI type” way, this still is a major change and I do NOT like change. I reached the 365 streaks mark on duolingo by the way! So yay! for reaching a milestone(ish).

September 05, 2022

Horrible day that had a horrible start and end. I didn’t sleep to start off. I woke up and couldn’t find every single piece of clothing item I needed (that I won’t get dress-coded for) . I also couldn’t find my hair dryer (bad hair day). My phone’s battery was at 0, I took two bites from my breakfast then my brother (Luke) told us we were going to be late, so I dropped it. Before I left I looked for guess what… socks! I haven’t gotten out my house and I was already so stressed out (You know how it feels to have items lost while running late right). I still had some homework I haven’t gotten to so I did it in the car. I dashed to my first class and surprisingly still got there in time with some time to spare.
The day still would get progressively worse but the next thing that happened was one of the good ones from this day. First class, we were presented with this process/method. I memorized it just for fun! She suddenly turned off the presentation software she was using and tested us. I got to recite the whole thing because I’m cool! I’ve been doing this weird memorization thing in class — or anywhere — gradually since I could remember. And it all started with just reciting memorized books (which I used to do just before class starts) call it a bit show off but it’s kind of awesome how my memory works.
In my Physical Science class, I told everyone my plan of just making my own universe. So now the class has this inside joke of the “Cyverse”.I have a god complex so that was a huge highlight of the day.
An unimportant event, a guy (old acquaintance) came up to me and told me his friend followed me on my socials and I should check up on it because we (me and the guy) were friends so the dude he’s talking about is alright. I was confused and just brushed it off but he said he’ll explain next time (logging that weird event here. Back to the horribleness of this day! When I came home, I had another classic argument with my mom. I’d say she’s just taking her stress out on me but who knows. It was a final straw then just cried myself to sleep. Oh and also my dad has doubled up his distrust on me. Look, I’m a really diligent person, but when you’re a middle child — and an unwanted girl at that — they really ever just either ignore or neglect you, or blame everything on you and talk about how crazy you are.

September 04, 2022

Very interesting day. I wasn’t on the pc much up until the evening when i finally started polishing up the website. Then it suddenly struck me… it’s ugly (the website) and i should demolish and recreate it! I was on a call with Ria and she witnessed me entering the whole downward spiral of insanity. A few moments later and I was back on the track! I thought of the greatest thing that would fix my problem (I’m still going to do a complete do-over but I at least now have a vision). I think that sometimes to achieve the best result, you might need to completely wreck your past progress. It was hard and it took so much effort, yes. However, I have fun when I code and that’s all that matters.

September 03, 2022

Hello internet dwellers. It's rainy again. Nothing new, a lot of precipitation is always expected at this time of the year. It's very humid (I really hate it when the humidity is high because it warps books). I coded the whole day again, finished up the main page. I later on had to go out to get some 1x1 headshots. I showered once more then continued coding. I started working on some of the medias for this website too. Time sure does fly by quickly when you're coding.

September 02, 2022

Brights suns! I borrowed a book from the library! I got Ernest Hemmingway's The Old Man and the Sea. I read half of it and it's alright so far. Anyway, a classmate of mine approached me and told me that he noticed I'm always only on the either extreme ends of the personality meter. Either a super preppy energetic incredibly hyper person, or I look sick and depressed. The only explanation I have for this is that my social battery runs out super quick, but I'm actually outgoing! For my last period, I had a screening (with Sirko and Lane) to take for the school paper. I'd say I did really well given the fact that it wasn't what I'd call a good work of mine. Then I got home and fell asleep on the floor. I was so tired.

September 01, 2022

The leaves are dropping gradually; they're getting carried off by the cold wind. An overcast day with the clouds blocking the sun. I really like this season. But I didn't like how tiring the first day of classes was. We were immediately given this activity in our English 110 class where in we had to memorize this excerpt within like 30 minutes and present to class. I did pretty well I'd say (it was still very stressful). Then in our Research 110, we had to make this impromptu proposal for a problem we made ourselves. Oh! I made 3 new friends in our class and 1 more new friend was introduced to our friend group by Lane.

Sirko and Ria are like the best people ever!! For context, I'm a bit of a germaphobe. Today, Sirko held every bathroom door for me. Ria, when we bought our food in the cafeteria, gave me her wrapped (sanitized) spoon and fork! I would never give anyone such clean plastic utensils! The nicest people ever.